Mr. Chanaka Benjamin – Chairman /Managing Director

    • Since restructuring the business objectives of BELA in 1998, the company has been primarily focused in the core business of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor in Power, Telecommunication and Civil engineering sectors. BELA is dedicated to providing customers with superior quality products and services at best value for money. BELA has grown into one of the premier private sector companies in Sri Lanka, through the valuable experiences gathered through the years and on customer confidence. From the inception, BELA declared record revenue and net profits. As engineers and sole agents, its core business is in providing advanced engineering solutions from Low Voltage (LV) through Medium Voltage (MV) to High Voltage (HV) and marketing a range of internationally reputed power, telecommunication, and mechanical engineering products and services in Sri Lanka. In recent years, BELA expanded its business interest to HV Transmission Engineering and Civil Engineering. Recognizing the competency of BELA’s operations in the HV and MV engineering sectors, global power sector giants such as AREVA, ABB and SIEMENS have placed their trust and confidence in BELA’s engineering, local construction and commissioning capabilities by placing turnkey and human resource contracts for projects secured by these companies in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, BELA has ventured into overseas operations by forming subsidiary companies in Singapore and South Africa. Negotiations are underway to commence operations in Dubai to cater to the Arabian market.

    • As Managing Director of the BELA Group of companies for the past 10 years, Mr. Benjamin has increased BELA’s market by a phenomenal 500% after taking over the company from his farther. A champion of positive thinking, dreaming of a future by setting high personal targets and applying tireless efforts towards its reality has helped define the modern group that BELA has transformed to, which he believes should be a continuous exercise for achieving excellence

    • Mr. Benjamin believes that his commitment and focus made him a successful business leader. He stated, “If you are focused and committed, you can achieve great heights. Terms such as ‘no risk, no venture and higher the risk greater the return’ should not be mere slogans but actual weaponry of a successful business leader”. As parting thoughts Mr. Benjamin said, “Hard work and bit of luck will achieve any seemingly unattainable goal, may it be in business or in life.