Our Company

  • BELA Group (Private) Limited
  • BELA International (Private) Limited
  • BELA (Private) Limited
  • BELA Energy Management (Private) Limited
  • BELA Infrastructure Solutions (Private) Limited
  • FARBEN Enterprises (Private) Limited


  • Our mission is to grow faster than the competition and to achieve sufficient profits to finance our group’s growth, by better understanding and serving the requirements of our customers.
  • To be a “BLUE CHIP” corporate organization in the respective countries, synonymous with integrity, quality and excellence.


Our Strength
Our management comprises of experienced and skilled leaders in the relevant fields. Their vision and foresight is the driving force behind our success.
Dedication, commitment and team work help us to achieve our goals.
Our financial resources provide us with the strength to invest in people, equipment and facilities to continue growing.