Energy Management Sector


To address the growing Energy Conservation demands in the world BELA incorporated a Strategic Business Unit in order to cater to this market segment. Main focus of this SBU is to provide technologically advanced solutions in saving energy through management of the quality of power consumed at customer’s end and in national power networks. We have executed turnkey projects in Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Capacitor Banks at National Grid Substations partnering with Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH PQM Division, Germany.


  • Energy Studies
  • Analysis of Data
  • Design and Implementation of Energy Efficiency Improvement Measures
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Energy Efficient Equipment on Turnkey Basis.

BELA offers its customers a complete package in PQM which enables the customers to minimize their operational cost considerably. Due to BELA’s PQM solutions to large electricity consumers the impact of reduction of electricity consumption has fallen by approximately 20%. BELA’s Consultants and Engineers are currently engaged in providing superior quality technically advanced Green Building Concept solutions which are key to conserving energy in the future.

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